Rate of Interest on Loans:

Sl. No.Name of the ProductRate of Interest
1Cash Credit13.00%
2Other Gold Loans – Upto Rs.2.00 Lakhs9.50%
3Other Gold Loans – Above Rs.2.00 Lakhs12.00%
4Cash Credit to Societies Gold Loans10.00%
5Express gold loans up to Rs.2.00 lakhs9.00%
6LT Loans Individvals through PACS  ( Up to 5 years )9.50%
7LT Loans Individvals through PACS  ( 5 years and above)9.50%
8LT Loans To Members   ( Up to 5 years )9.50%
9LT Loans To Members   5 years and above)9.50%
10LT Loans Direct to Societies8.00%
11Loans To Self Help Groups upto Rs.3.00 lakhs7.00%
12Loans To Self Help Groups above Rs.3.00 lakhs10.00%
13Loans To Joint Liability Groups ( Non Agriculture)12.00%
14Loans To Joint Liability Groups ( Agriculture)7.00%
15Housing loans to Individuals9.00%
16Real Estate Mortgage Loans(Rural)12.50%
17Real Estate Mortgage Loans(Urban)12.50%
18ST-Others PACS10.50%
19ST-Others INDIVIDUALS12.50%
20MT Non-Agrl ECCS13.00%
21Mudra Loans12.00%
22Personal Loans – Indl14.00%
23Swayam krushi loans (small business people)13.00%
24ICDP Loans to Societies9.00%
25Personal Loans to Staff10.00%
26Housing Loans to individuals (more than 30.00 lakhs)10.25%
27 Housing Construction loans to Staff7.00%